Foreclosure Bankruptcy Modification Short Sale Solutions

Loan Modifications

DPS Network specializes in Loan Modifications. Property owners often benefit from a restructuring of their loan through modification. We have mortgage negotiators that have expertise in dealing with the lenders and can negotiate a deal for you. This is usually done as just one part of more comprehensive strategy, to assist  you and your family in your financial recovery.

Foreclosure Consulting

Defending a foreclosure is not simple nor does every attorney have the background or experience that you may think. Law is just like going to the doctor, there are general attorneys and attorneys that focus on only a select few areas of the law. Distressed Property Solutions Network (DPS Network) never charges you!  $0.00 to create a plan of action that is suited to your situation and goals. By speaking with DPS Network, you have access to free, informed and independent opinions and strategies.  One place, One team, One mission; Educating distressed property owners.


Bankruptcy Consulting

Look at it Chapter 13 is a way to save your home from foreclosure, and can indeed stop foreclosure so long as you continue to make the payments agreed to under the plan until all debt owed is totally paid off. In essence, then, through a Chapter 13 debt reorganization plan you can cure the default and save your home. Additionally, there are court costs to be paid, AND, of course, the homeowner must hire a bankruptcy attorney who is going to want to get paid too!

If you file for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 a so-called “automatic stay” is placed on all your creditors, including the foreclosing lender, by the court. HOWEVER, the stay is only a temporary fix to the situation.  And it will be years before you can use this type of protection if needed.  TIMING is everything and ALL bankruptcy options should be used as a last, not first resort to save your property.

Chapter 7 never permanently stops home foreclosure. It only gives you relief from unsecured creditors like credit cards and prevents certain creditors from pursuing collection action against you. It does NOT discharge debts such as taxes, child support, alimony or student loans, nor can it give you relief from other secured creditors — like your lender — whose debt is secured by the home you’re living in.

Short Sale

It’s everywhere, Short Sell your property to get out of this mess!   NOT ALWAYS short selling is not always the best line of defense, in fact it is not the only option.  Very often short selling is not the quickest, easiest, or most beneficial to you and your family. Our number one goal is to listen to you and help you understand each and every option that may be out there to help you achieve the final goals that you want.

We have developed a unique and simplified Client Matching System that allows us to do a FREE consultation to evaluate your entire situation.  We have no financial reason to point you in any particular direction or professional. We will help you create an individualized strategy, Only after we know the entire situation and your specific goals for your situation.

Credit Repair

It’s never too late to repair your bad credit.

Trying to fix bad credit on your own can be a nightmare.  We help you correct negative inaccurate items on your credit report.  Although we are not attorneys, Distressed Properties Solutions Network understands the credit system and our team of Credit Experts understands what to do and how to do it. Over 78% of people have errors on one or more of their Credit Reports. We will contact the Credit Bureaus on your behalf.  The bureaus should send YOU results within 30 days. You will see all of the responses from the credit bureaus and you will see what information they have deleted, corrected, or verified. Our First Work includes a packet of credit information mailed to you including specific Strategies and Plans for Credit Improvement for your credit reports. You will also receive periodic educational emails and our credit experts are available during normal business hours to answer all of your credit questions.

Mortgage Division

Getting the right type of mortgage can help you pay less money each month, build equity faster or save money on interest over time, depending on your financial goals. Even if you are planning on selling the home in just a few years, the mortgage you choose today can have a lasting impact on your finances.
?If you’re not sure which mortgage option is right for you or you’d like the unbiased opinion of one of our Network Partners about which mortgage will be best for you, call us today at 1-800-859-1255 to speak with a network partner for FREE. We can help you choose a mortgage that will support your financial goals.